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Imagine getting back to your regular activities in a matter of a few weeks.
The Active-Arm Exercise Program has helped many tendonitis sufferers do just that. The light stretch-band exercises and instructional DVD are completely portable – take them with you wherever you have time to do the exercises. Then enjoy the results.
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Karen Curley was suffering primarily from shoulder tendonitis, but had some mild elbow tendonitis, or tennis elbow, as well. Tennis was her primary form of exercise and she played several times a week. Karen was in constant pain and was prepared to hear that she would need surgery. Instead, Dr. Bohn gave her his Active-Arm Exercise Program and instructed her to do the exercises daily. Karen was diligent about doing the exercises and within a month she was pain-free. Since using the Active-Arm program, Karen has taken up a second sport – golf – and is swinging her clubs pain-free. Karen even keeps a set of stretch-bands at work to do the exercises when she takes a break.
“I was shocked. It was like miracle surgery only I didn’t have to go through the surgery – I really love that part of it.” – Karen Curley, tendonitis patient
Joe Christie was the tennis instructor at a popular Kansas City tennis club when he met Dr. Bohn. Tennis elbow was a common complaint among the club’s frequent tennis players, and Christie wanted to see if the Active-Arm Exercise Program could make a difference. Dr. Bohn provided the club with stretch-bands and videos beginning in 1990, while he was testing his program to see if it worked. Over the years, more than 50 of Christie’s students have used the program to treat their tennis elbow and shoulder tendonitis and are able to play tennis again pain-free. Christie himself has used the program for his shoulder pain.
“A lot of people couldn’t lift coffee cups or turn door knobs and they’re back functioning (normally) again.” – Joe Christie, tennis instructor
Linda Kimsey spends her days at a computer keyboard as part of her job managing the office for a Kansas City manufacturing company. She developed a form of tendonitis called carpal tunnel syndrome. Linda’s pain was worsening and she feared eventually having to have surgery. Dr. Bohn gave her a set of light stretch-bands and his Active-Arm video. Linda was a good patient and followed his instructions to do the exercises every day. She is pain-free today and has given the program to several friends and to her secretary, who had early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome.
“I don’t have problems typing or using the mouse, or doing just everyday activities that I used to have problems with before I did the Active-Arm exercises.” -- Linda Kimsey, office manager
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