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Imagine getting back to your regular activities in a matter of a few weeks.
The Active-Arm Exercise Program has helped many tendonitis sufferers do just that. The light stretch-band exercises and instructional DVD are completely portable – take them with you wherever you have time to do the exercises. Then enjoy the results.
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  To my colleagues in orthopedic medicine:
  If you’re like me, you see many people in your practice with mild to moderate cases of tennis elbow or shoulder tendonitis. They don’t need or want surgery and depending on their medical insurance, may or may not be willing to go to physical therapy. Wouldn’t it be great, I thought, to be able to hand these patients a video, instruction sheet and light stretch-bands to help them get better on their own, and for a very small investment? That was in 1990. I ordered some light stretch-bands and put together an instruction sheet and a short video and started handing them out. I was truthfully surprised myself by the results. Patients who were willing to commit to the Active-Arm exercises, as I called them, returned to their normal activities fairly quickly and experienced significant pain relief. You’ll see a few of their testimonials on this website.  
  If you would like to offer this program to your patients as a low-cost but effective alternative to other therapies, contact me at admin@activearm.com for more information on bulk purchase discounts.  
  --Dr. William Bohn  
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