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Imagine getting back to your regular activities in a matter of a few weeks.
The Active-Arm Exercise Program has helped many tendonitis sufferers do just that. The light stretch-band exercises and instructional DVD are completely portable – take them with you wherever you have time to do the exercises. Then enjoy the results.
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I have pain in my wrist, forearm, elbow or shoulder and I don’t know what’s causing it?
If you have had an injury involving a fall, collision, or an injury producing a popping or snapping sensation in the affected area, you will need professional medical consultation as soon as possible. ( www.aaos.org).
Unknown causes of pain in the affected area that seem to have come on gradually include tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow, shoulder tendonitis, and carpal tunnel syndrome. In this instance, a person can take over-the-counter medications, use heat and ice and sports massage, and start rehabilitation exercises like the Active-Arm Exercise Program to strengthen and heal the affected area. ( www.orthopedics.about.com)
Who is the Active-Arm Exercise Program designed for?
The program is designed to address elbow, wrist or shoulder tendonitis among the following groups:*
Athletes and sports enthusiasts: If you feel tightness in your forearm, then this area is not being properly stretched and could eventually result in an injury, such as tennis elbow, golfer’s elbow or shoulder tendonitis. If you play tennis, golf, baseball, softball, volleyball, or any other sport that involves a swinging or throwing motion, then the Active-Arm Exercise Program can help you avoid injury throughout the rest of the season as well as increase your athletic capabilities.
Physical laborers and office workers: Do you work in construction, use a typewriter keyboard all day, or engage regularly in any other activity that involves a repetitive motion, such as window-washing or gardening? If you answered yes, then these exercises can help you alleviate discomfort from the strain of repetitive activities. The Active-Arm Exercise Program is designed to help in the prevention and healing of shoulder strain, elbow tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.
Aging persons: As a person ages, their muscles can deteriorate if they are not engaged in strengthening activities. Doctors recommend that people over the age of 50 engage in regular exercise to combat muscular decline and improve overall health. The Active-Arm Exercise Program is a great way to keep your muscles conditioned as you age.
*The makers of the Active-Arm exercise program are offering the Active-Arm exercise program as an arm fitness enhancement product as well as an adjunct to the treatment of muscle tendon overuse problems rendered by a licensed healthcare professional. The Active-Arm and SmartActive are not treating health care professionals and do not practice medicine.
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