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Imagine getting back to your regular activities in a matter of a few weeks.
The Active-Arm Exercise Program has helped many tendonitis sufferers do just that. The light stretch-band exercises and instructional DVD are completely portable – take them with you wherever you have time to do the exercises. Then enjoy the results.
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Dr. William Bohn treats hundreds of patients every year in his orthopedic practice in the Kansas City area. Many of them suffer chronic pain from repetitive injuries like elbow and shoulder tendonitis as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. An avid tennis player and golfer himself, Dr. Bohn started experimenting with various light stretch-band exercises to prevent injury and restore pain-free movement to his tendonitis patients.
Over a period of 10 years, Dr. Bohn saw such a high success rate among his patients – from weekend warriors to tennis pros – that he decided to make his system available to everyone. For the first time, his Active-Arm exercise program is available on DVD, along with the light stretch-bands he recommends.
People with inflamed tendons often stop all of their activities due to pain. But that simply weakens the tendon and surrounding muscles. Instead, proper exercises with the Active-Arm program can actually strengthen and heal the area.

  Dr. William Bohn:
  Over ten years ago, I began treating my patients and friends with a simple exercise program that targeted the problem of the painful or dysfunctional arm suffering from tendonitis of the elbow, wrist or shoulder. I knew that these exercises, if properly done, would stretch, strengthen and condition those key stress areas of the upper extremity. I was right – the exercise worked. Now, the Active-Arm program is ready for you.  
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